About Us

Located at 100 Dorset Street in South Burlington, between Eastern Mountain Sports and Small Dog Electronics, this open kitchen designed Ristorante, offers authentic Southern Italian Cuisine.

Pulcinella (Poo – Chi – Nella) ~ is a classical character who originated in the Commedia Dell’arte in the 17th Century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry.  Pulcinella represents the poor worker, the man who has very little to lose, and thus sheds the politeness borne of fear to the upper class. Philosophical, eternally melancholic, a dreamer as only a representative of the Neapolitan culture could be, Pulcinella has a spirit all of his own. No tensions or despair, his melancholic approach to life makes him coast problems, situations, live adventures and at the end simply get out of everything in the same simple manner as he got involved.

A positive approach to life is his winning strategy. Pulcinella, the most ancient of the characters, is the burlesque representative of the Neapolitan working class. A lover of fine food, wine, and adventure.  Pulcinella is always portrayed as a jester. His movements are reminiscent to dance or ballet.

 Pulcinella’s mask, traditionally black or dark brown, with his big nose like a beak, and his wrinkled forehead combined with his grab of baggy white clothes cinched together at the waist with a black belt, and white sugar loaf hat  are the signature traits that identify Pulcinella.

 We at Pulcinella’s, just like in Italy, strive to use locally grown produce, farm raised meats, and artisan cheeses whenever possible.  All specialty ingredients are sourced out for the best quality.  We import our dry pastas, vinegars, hard cheeses, & oils from Italy.  We hand roll our own gnocchi and hand fill our own ravioli.  We stuff our own sausages and cook ALL pastas to order Al dente to ensure you receive the highest quality products.  It is our mission to provide you with the most authentic dining experience.

Pulcinella’s is our way of paying respect to the people past and present who were born with nothing, but never let their spirit die.  The people, who always have a smile, always have a joke, and who love to entertain with fine food and drink.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show from our open kitchen preparing the finest traditional food.

100 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT 05403